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I didn’t know how I was going to pull this off. My entire life passed by me in those agonizing two minutes. He was there, next to me. His heavy breathing mixed with my own were the only sounds in the room. I was terrified sitting on that toilet. How the hell did I get here? Well that I knew, sex ed was something we were taught in school.

Beep. Beep. That was the loudest noise I had ever heard. I didn’t want to look. What if it is positive? I didn’t know the first thing about changing a diaper. I mean I could learn and having a little me was a cute thought. Someone to love who will love me back unconditionally. Someone who will depend on me as much as I will depend on her. Wait I want a girl? Yes, yes I want a little girl who’s hair I could brush and buy her cute little dresses at that children’s store in the neigh-

"It’s negative", he said it with so much relief. I could physically see the tension leaving his body.
“Oh, good, that’s great”, it was an automatic response.
“We shouldn’t tell anyone this happened”, that statement left my mouth before I could actually think it.
He agreed and we both decided to throw the test in the trash around the corner.

“Life is back to normal I guess”, I sighed as I looked back at that toilet and the little fantasy daughter I’d left on it.



my name is luna enriquez

Dear Lunchbag

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this. is dope as shit.

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This scene was improvised, so ludacris’ reaction is genuine and dwayne didn’t have a line after tyrese said his.

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Dads and Tumblr

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